Register Your Drone – 31st Jan 2020

Drone owners it is mandatory to enlist your drones before 5 P.M 31st January 2020


As per public notice no. AV-22011/4/2015-DG dated 13 January 2020, issued by the Ministry of civil Aviation, here.

All unmanned aircraft need to be enlisted. For ample clarity, these include Models, Prototypes, Toys, RC aircrafts, Autonomous and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems etc.

The drone enlistment form has two parts. After uploading the drone owner’s information, the owner will receive an Owner Acknowledgement Number (OAN). Using the OAN, the owner will upload the drone-related information and will receive a Drone Acknowledgement Number (DAN).

Each drone will require a fresh enlistment. Since a drone owner may have multiple drones, the owner shall use same OAN to enlist all the drones owned by him. A separate DAN will be issued for each drone.

Ownership of a drone in India without a valid OAN and DAN shall invite penal action as per applicable laws.

Possession of an OAN or DAN does NOT confer the right to operate the drone in India. Owner has to refer to Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR), section 3- Air Transport Series X, Part I, Issue I, dated 27 august, 2018 here and other notification issued by DGCA from time to time for information regarding ownership and operation of drones.

Documents required: –

1. Scanned copy of Passport (first & last page) or Aadhaar card’s (front & back view) in one sheet.

2. Three high quality pictures of drone: Front view, Top view, close up view of manufacturer’s serial number. Each picture should have a physical measuring-scale placed adjacent to the drone in order to provide a reasonable approximation of its dimensions.

3. Copy of any utility bill (electricity, water, gas, fixed line telephone or mobile phone) or a bank statement not older than 3 months. In case you use the bank statement, you may black out the financial details on the bank statement.

4. Copy of highest educational qualification (required only for individual owners.)

5. PAN card of organization (for companies only)

6. Letter on official letterhead certifying appointment of Authorized Signatory (for companies only)

7. Important none of the items above should be password protected, document or photograph should be below 300KB.

Keep above things ready to start your drone enlistment process.

There’s no fill later option.

All your information will be used for official purpose only.

For help:- [email protected]

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