No Permission No TakeOff

No Permission No Takeoff

No Permission No Takeoff "NPNT"

NPNT (No permission no take-off) is designed for enabling flight permission digitally and managing Unmanned Aircraft operations and traffic efficiently. Every UAS / RPAS sold in India under the regulations published by DGCA for UAS / RPAS, must have a secure mechanism built on to the equipment to self-authenticate its permission to take-off. It is made possible through a digitally signed document called a Permission Artefact (machine-readable) which when read by the equipment establishes its authenticity and permission to fly. This technology framework is referred to as NPNT (No Permission No Take-off). The framework plays an important role in ensuring various measure of safety and security of a flight by enforcing UAS / RPAS not to take-off without a digitally signed permission from DigitalSky.

NPNT Module


  • UUID, UIN, UAOP verification.
  • Verification & Validation of permission artefacts.
  • Permission Artefact Timer.
  • Download flight logs.
  • Logging in case of Breach ( Time & Geo-Fence ).
  • Encryption of communication.
  • Compatible Interface : Android, Windows, iOS.