Benefits Of Drone Technology in new-age learning

While the whole world has started to explore the limitless possibilities of this pioneering machine, D’Aviators looked towards introducing Drones into education as an innovative tool. Education industry is actively moving towards improvising at a faster pace than ever before to make the learning not only interesting and fun but also more useful. 

The one challenge that education Industry face is how to draw the attention of the children towards learning. The first thing that straightaway came to our mind is to give them a gadget which they can’t ignore, something which does not need a reference to a research paper to establish. We know they just simply can’t turn away from the smartphones for hours together.  So why not give them a more interesting and useful gadget which will stimulate the young minds.  

Drones are the technology of the future and we couldn’t agree more. Children can learn from simple coding to advanced applications and everything in between using STEAM as an approach.

This tool can be used in the application of mathematics as the students get a liberty to actually implement and visualize what they have calculated like how much time drone spent in air, how far it traveled, load it carried, speed at which it was travelling, maximum Altitude it climbed. Activities like these not just brings out creativity among children but also enables them to remember the lessons for life.

Drones enable children to learn science in the most effective way by enabling them to think logically, apply the law of Physics. They get to calculate things like force (thrust) required to lift, speed of the propeller, rotation of propeller, gravity and its influence on flying objects, counter wind and its impact on flight. Calculation here are be based on real-world observations instead lets of assuming the value of X. đŸ˜‰

Drones introduce children to computer programming. Writing a few lines of code earlier use to bring a single line as a result return value; Using drones writing few lines or putting few programming blocks can fly a drone and it can perform exciting maneuvers. Drones are as equipped as smartphones these days which gives them another dimension (IoT) internet of things. Commanding a drone with your phone or a smart speaker to deploy it seems like an exciting idea. Just think of an application and create it.

Drones and programming will help a student to give life to their ideas. Drones can be integrated with AI and ML which opens the whole new possibilities. Such technology of the future should be introduced to children. 

Another challenge faced today is children spend most their times indoors which adversely affect health resulting to loss of concentration, brain fogging and weight gain. Drones have potential to bring them out in the open, keeps them alert, improve coordination, hand-eye motor skills, which is something not addressed as much as it should be.