Surveillance Companion


3.5 KG

Cruise Speed : 5 m/s Max.
Speed : 12 m/s

1000 M AGL

Fail Safe
Low Battery Voltage
Communication Loss

Obstacle Sensing

Digital Encrypted Communication Link

Up-to 50 mins

1080x720 30x Optical Zoom

Li Ion

Operating Range
5 Km*

12 m/s

One Button Return To Launch

Equipped with leading industrial sensors, AGNYA's surveillance cameras are the ultimate solution for persistant Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance. Capture and stream actionable imagery. Detect, track and protect your assets.
Agnya UAV can be launched from confined spaces and can cover a large area out of human visual and auditory range.


Agnya UAV with thermal and optical zoom sensors for Surveillance and Security solutions can also be developed to meet specific client requirements, and services can include support and training during and after implementation.

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