About us

D’Aviators was founded in 2019 by team of pilots passionately working on drone technology. UAV research and prototyping started as early as 2011 after a long and extensive research on needs,  user friendly features and design, started developing platforms for various applications.  We are involved in development and production of High-end remotely piloted vehicles and continuously experimenting to transform our vehicles and out them to use for more applications with cutting edge precision and accuracy.  We keep adding more and more to our work considering future requirements which will be a cutting-edge technology developed in India itself and become a feather in the crown of our country’s Make In India effort. D’Aviators continues to push boundaries through its dedicated UAV division that uses latest drone technology to provide accuracy remotely piloted aircrafts for applications like surveying, monitoring,inspection, precision agriculture, environment and infrastructure market. 

We Customize our flying platforms and use military grade sensors for specific and unique applications. Our flying platforms deliver the outcome which comes from a traditional method with top notch precision and accuracy.

We are a team of experienced Pilots and Engineers with exposure to the technology and challenges faced on the field.

We are based in Delhi & Mumbai can provide support for our products anywhere in India in minimum time frame.
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